Green Acres Farm, on which Hopkins Farm Creamery is nestled, has been owned and operated by the same family for four generations. Grandfather William Hopkins started the present location in 1942 after separating his dairy farm business from Great Grandfather Alden Hopkins, who started the original dairy. Walter C. Hopkins, Sr., the son of William, took over the farm, and worked side-by-side with his son, Walter C. (Burli) Hopkins, Jr.

Walter C. Hopkins, Sr. came up with the idea for an on-farm creamery, and Burli took the idea and ran with it. Hopkins Farm Creamery opened in 2008, and has been creating new flavors of ice cream and selling them to the public ever since. The family tradition continues with the ice cream now being made by Burli's two oldest sons, Michael and Jacob.

Hopkins Farm Creamery is in the heart of Green Acres Farm, located at the intersection of Dairy Farm Road and Route 9 in Lewes, Delaware.