You're invited to visit us in person, and please bring your family . . . we also invite your questions about our dairy and what it's like to work with the cows every day.

Sometimes the air smells just enough to give visitors a pleasant sense of an authentic dairy farming environment. Other times, depending on wind direction, it may seem like too much for some. We do our utmost to keep it to a minimum.

While we appreciate that farm odors may not always be the choice for a place to eat an ice cream treat or dessert, we urge you nonetheless to try us. Almost everyone who comes here once, returns.

Many of our best customers enjoy our fresh farm made ice cream in their cars and trucks . . . or take home containers to share in their own kitchens, backyards, or TV rooms.

We're often told there's nothing like a Hopkins Farm Creamery treat to cool down after a hot or windy day at the beach or on a boat.

Please ask for me personally if there's anything extra we can do to make your visit a special one. Thank you for visiting our website.

— Michael Hopkins